ACH Payments (through Stripe)

Ronin allows you to collect payments through ACH (also known as Direct Debit or Electronic Checks) from clients in countries within the US. ACH integration requires that your Ronin account is connected to Stripe (under Account > Payment Integrations) and furthermore requires that you opt-in to allow ACH payments. You can learn more about ACH via Stripe.

ACH Payments can only be collected for invoices in the USD currency, so clients will only be given an option to pay via ACH under the following conditions:

  1. You have Stripe connected to Ronin
  2. You have ACH Integration Enabled under Payment Integration Settings
  3. The Invoice or Recurring Schedule is in USD currency.

ACH Payments require the creation of a Payment Profile in Ronin for the Client that wishes to pay with ACH. There is a verification process the first time this happens which can take several business days. Verification is done through a few micro-deposits that need to be verified by amount within Ronin before an ACH Payment Profile can be used to pay Invoices.

Optional functionality

Because ACH payments can be cost effective, you may also elect to waive Transaction Fees for ACH if you have Transaction Fees turned on in Ronin.

Note on Usage and Transactions

Ronin will mark an invoice as Paid as soon as the transaction goes through. However, it can take up to 5 business days to confirm the success or failure of a payment. Ronin does not automatically retract payments if a payment fails after the initial transaction. It's up to you to properly reconcile and account for any payment failures after-the-fact. We recommend withholding shipping physical products or access to digital goods until the transaction has been confirmed.

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